Following is a list of Freshmen with their place of residence in Cambridge. The list is not accurate, nor is it the official roster of the University Catalogue which will appear within ten days:

Adams, C. C., Jr., Sd. D 41.

Albright, F., Sd. A 22.

Alpers, B. J., Sd. D 42.

Anderson, A., Sd. D 13.

Argue, T. H., Go. C 32.

Arms, T. M., Go. B 43.

Arvin, F. N., Jr., P. S. B 41.

Atkinson, H. R., J. S. C 33.

Aubin, R. A., Go. E 32.

Avery, T. N., Sd. E 34.

Bacon, F. M., P. S. C 34.

Bailey, D. W., J. S. B 41.

Baldwin, B. E., Go. C 51.

Baldwin, G. S., Jr., Sd. C 21.