The statement given out by the Secretary of War to a CRIMSON reporter is good news to every undergraduate.

That Secretary Baker was pleased with our work here is highly complementary, but the best information is his statement regarding future officer's camps. There has always been the impression in the University that the next camp,--that at Yaphank,--was to be the last, that from then on all officers were to come from the ranks. To the men under twenty-one this has been a cause of much unrest and no little worry. The Secretary has now assured us that the Officers' Training Camps are to continue as long as the War lasts and that they are always to be open to university men. The announcement gives our R. O. T. C. a new stimulus, for it means that we all are to be given a chance to become officers in the new National Armies.

The Secretary's praise of our French leaders is well deserved. We join with him in their praise for we realize, even more than he, that the present excellent standing of the Corps is due to their training.