There is a lull in the busy life of the University; the Faculty makes ready its first attack upon the undergraduates,--the Hour Examinations are at hand.

For the next week Widener Library will be more popular than the "movies" as the loafer and the grind sit side by side busily at work,--the latter to make that "A" a certainty, the former to fill his head with just enough knowledge to secure those two C--'s, and thus convince both faculty and family that he is a student in good standing.

To both of these types the CRIMSON wishes the best of luck and reassures the undergraduate that more people pass than fail in every examination. They are a necessary evil and must be taken in a philosophic way. The hour exams, are merely a diversion invented by the faculty to break the monotony of recitations. The best way to foil these intellectual monsters is to pass their tests. Let us then make ready.