The CRIMSON publishes below from various sources a list of University graduates and undergraduates who were chosen for the second Plattsburg Training Camp. The list, which is as complete as could be made up, includes 179 men, of which number, the greater part were formerly members of last year's R. O. T. C. Most of the men are members of the New England Training Regiment.

The Second Officers' Training Camps started on Monday, August 27, and will be over on Tuesday, November 27, on which date commissions will be distributed to the successful candidates.

Abbott, E. Q., '06, Adams, G. C., '10, Aldrich, N. A., '20, Almeda, W. B., '16, Amory, C. H., '12, Atwood, F. M., '18.

Barry, T. A., '06, Batchelor, C. C., 3G, Berle, A. A., '13, Berman, I., '15, Billings, F. E., '19, Blanchard, C. B., '14, Bower, J., '19, Brackett, R., '12, Brand, J. T., '14, Brewer, J. W., '17, Briggs, R. E., '20, Brown, H. H., '09, Bubier, T. S., '02, Buell, M. S., '17, Burns, F. S., '98.

Caldwell, R. W., Unc., Callahan, J. F., '17, Canaday, W. D., '17, Cate, S. R., '06, Chaffee, R. O., '19, Chandler, H. D., '06, Chatfield, W. H., '14, Churchill, C. L., '14, Clark, N. R., '08, Clark, R. R., '09, Clark, W. B., '15, Cohen, A. P., '13, Cook, C. W., '19, Cook, S. F., '19, Corliss, J. C., '14, Courtney, P. G., '15, Craig, M., 1GB, Cummings, J. W., '18, Cummings, Joseph W., '19, Cummings, W. G., '17, Curtis, G., '15.

Dana, R. L., '04, Darling, E. M., '19, Desmond, T., '08, Dodd, M., '17, Doherty, J. A., '16, Donovan, H. N., '17, Donovan, J. D., '10, Douglas, C., '17, Drinkwater, A. '00, Dudley, J. C., '04, Dunning, R. P. '11.

Elliott, J., '12, Ellis, T. W., '10, Elwell, A. F., Sp., Estabrook, M. G., '09.

Fannon, H. E., '15, Fay, A. F., '19, Fay, H. S., '20, Fay, S. P., '07, Felton, S. M., Jr., '16, Fitz, L. L., '17, Flynn, E. J., '95, Fuller, B. A. G., '00.

Gallup, D. T., '12, Gannett, R. T., '15, Gersusmsky, M. H. C., '17, Glover, G. M., '11, Goldman, A. S., Unc., Goldman, L. E., '18, Gozzaldi, R. S., de '13, Gray, F. C., '12, Green, W. A., '04, Greenough, C. P., '06, Guild, S. T., '13, Gulick, M. B., '13.

Hagar, J. A., '19, Hall, E. J., '07, Hall, R. W., '10, Hardin, C. R., 3L, Hastings, W. B., 3L, Hecker, E. A., '05, Hollander, C. M., '18, Hollis, O. N., '18, Holly, U. W., '17, Hope, C. A., 3L, Horgan, H. A., '14, Howard, C. P., '09, Howard, J. K., 3L, Hunneman, R. D., '17, Hutchins, C., '05.

Jackson, R. E., '19, Jacobs, C. H., 2L, James, W., '03, Johnson, H. T., '09, Jones, L. R., '13, Jose, E. H., '10.

Kelley, J. J., '17, Kenny, W. W., '18, Kerr, N. H., '19, King, R. T., 3L, King, W. F., '18, Kline, J. E., '17.

Lanouette, K. H., '19, Lee, J. W., '04, Little, C. C., '10, Little, R., '20, Loring, R. M., '19, Lowry, P., '16, Lund, F. B., '18, Lyman, T., '97.

McCaffry, G. H., '12, McDuffle, C. D., '16, McLaughlin, E. A., 4M, Manley, W. F., '20, Marble, E. T., '18, Martin, A. R., '19, Mason, W., '15, Means, G. C., '18, Merrill, H. M., '18, Merrill, W. F., '13, Meyer, G. V. L., '13, Mitchell, S. G., '18, Mixter, S., '12, Moir, J. A., '18, Moore, B., '09, Moore, W., '18, Morse, A. H., '02, Morris, L. E., 3L, Morton, E. E., '17, Movius, H. L., '02, Munro, W., '96, Murphey, J. J., '13.

Nichols, J. D., '20, Nightengale, J. T., '10.