The fate of the hero of Captain Bjornstadt's novel, which was so eagerly devoured by the literature lovers of last year's Reserve Officers' Training Corps, has kept many of our military students in constant trepidation. Sergeant Hill, when last encountered, was still leading Quinn and Peterson on a desperate patrol toward the lines of the hostile Blues. With the skill of a Peo, Bjornstadt brought his hero into action and with bullets whizzing about him left this second Roland to his fate. What happened to Sergeant Hill? Even Captain Hamlin, Chief of Sections, was unable to answer this mystifying query. Did he return unharmed to the Red headquarters, or is his body now rotting on the Hunterstown sheet?

This puzzle, worthy of Shorlock Holmes, has at last been solved. Sergeant Hill lives. On the hill-sides of Ayer he is making soldiers and dazzling the future Hun-slayers by the brilliancy of his solutions. The Government has realized how able a soldier he is, and now no longer does he wear chevrons but glories, in the rank of 1st Lieutenant, U. S. A. Walinski has attained the same position, though McGowan is still asking foolish questions in a vain effort to be "squelched."

The CRIMSON extends the best of good wishes to these former non-coms, and advises all men with a longing for military learning to address 1st Lieut. Pearl D. Hill, Ayer, Mass.