The presence at the Army-Navy athletic carnival on Saturday of 2,000 from the National Army at Camp Devens, 2,500 sailors from the Boston Navy Yard, and 1,800 members of the Radio School will give a true Army and Navy character to the games. All of these men will pass in a short review before Generals Johnston, Edwards, and Hodges, Commander Rush, and Secretary of the Navy Daniels, if he is able to be present. The Army side of the Stadium will be the east stands, or those used by Yale in the football games; the Navy supporters will occupy the west side of the field. Everything is to be done to provide a spectacular carnival.

The spectators will find their chief interest centred in the miniature Army and Navy football game between the Boston Navy Yard and Camp Devens. This contest will in reality determine the champion team in the two services in Massachusetts, if not in New England. The only other army team comparable to the Devens eleven is the First Maine Heavy Field Artillery from Westfield, and it is not thought that their team is the equal of the team being produced at Ayer. From Newport the 2nd Naval District eleven is more likely to be the equal of the sailor team though recent additions have made the Navy Yard an exceptionally strong aggregation.

At Ayer, P. D. Haughton '99, has taken charge of the squad. With only a week to form his team and equip them with suitable defensive and offensive formations, Coach Haughton has a formidable task. As all of the men have been play- ing football on the regimental and brigade teams since the beginning of the season, however, he can omit much of the fundamental and early season work. Some of the squad were members of the Depot Brigade team which held the informals to a scoreless tie last Saturday.

The Navy team has had a longer period of practice than the Army representatives. L. H. Leary '05, who is coaching this squad, has finished the preliminary training, and will now devote his attention to a new and varied offence. Four former University players will appear in the lineup, C. A. Clark, Jr., '19, E. L. Casey '19, T. H. Enwright '18, and W. J. Murray '18.

Both teams will be equipped with University formations as each has a coaching staff composed of University coaches and players. In commenting on the fact that all his assistants are University men, Coach Haughton at Camp Devens said, "I don't want the impression made that this is a Harvard affair, but we have only a short time for practice and must concentrate on one system of coaching to get a finished team. To experiment with other coaching systems might impede progress."

Football, however, is not the only event that is arousing enthusiasm in Army and Navy circles. Track games for the soldiers and sailors are to be held. In place of the usual 100-yard dash on the cinder track, this race will take place on the football field from goal post to goal post. A tug-of-war and relay races are also scheduled.

The proceeds of the carnival will be given to the athletic equipment funds of the Army and Navy. Tickets are now on sale at the H. A. A