Baseball Scheduled to Start Feb. 11

Baseball for the University will start on February 11, immediately after the mid-year examination period, when the players will be called out for work under Hugh Duffy, coach of the University team last season. Plans for next spring's activities in baseball, although not complete, assure the formation of a Freshman nine with a schedule of customary length, and of an informal University team, if interest in the game warrants it. During February only the battery candidates will report, the infielders and outfielders not starting work until early in March.

Hugh Duffy is a coach of long experience and exceptional ability. His active career in professional baseball dates from 1887, when he played upon the Springfield, Salem and Lowell teams. Later he was with such teams as the famous Chicago Americans, of which "Pop" Anson was captain; the Boston Nationals, the Milwaukee team of the American Association, the Philadelphia Nationals, the Providence club, Chicago "White Sox" and finally he has been connected with the Portland nine of the New England League. Since 1904 Duffy has ceased actual playing and has managed several clubs, including the Philadelphia Nationals, Chicago "White Sox," Providence and his own Portland team.