Foreign Students Will Present Varied Program Next Wednesday Evening in Peabody Hall.

An international entertainment will be given by the Cosmopolitan Club of the University in Peabody Hall, Phillips Brooks House, next Wednesday, December 19, at 8 o'clock. At that time a program of ten numbers, representing nine different countries, will be offered by the members of the Club, assisted by a few foreign students from Boston and its vicinity. The entertainment will be open to the public, admission being by tickets, which may be bought at the Co-operative Branch Store for 35 cents. Refreshments will be served.

The program for the evening has been arranged according to countries as follows: 1. United States: Monologue, "Kanana,"  Miss Ida Horblit 2. Spain: Spanish Dance,  F. C. Monteagudo, 3 Dv. 3. China: Shuttlecock Game,  Ki Chun, M.I.T. 4. Siam: (a) Music,  C. Kajasevi (b) Moving Pictures,  P. Sukhum and N. Pauvedya, assisted by M. Longla 1M. 5. Russia: Piano Selections,  Mr. Paul Donovan 6. Mexico: "Revolutionary Experiences,"  F. Vela 1M 7. Porto Rico: Piano Solo,  J. M. Sanroma, New England Conservatory of Music. 8. Cuba and United States: Dramatic play entitled "A Game of Comedy." Fromont, a French actor  J. V. Manach Marie, a laundress,  Miss Dorothy Googins Pierre, Fromont's Servant,  H. E. Wiener 9. France: "A Greeting From OverSeas,"  Pierre Ayme Martin 1L 10. "My Country 'Tis of Thee."