Norwegian Zimmerwald Socialists, who are at the same time active pacifists, have proposed that the Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded to Lenine and Trotzky, leaders of the Bolsheviki in Russia. No definite reasons are announced as to why these men with "livers white as milk" should receive such high recognition, but we are to presume it is because they make peace at any price. So far the Nobel prizes have not been bestowed carelessly; they have marked great attainments in the field for which they have been given. Never have they been awarded to upstart demagogues, who pose as patriots by disseminating enemy propaganda. If Lenine and Trotzky are to receive a Nobel prize, let it not be branded one given for peace. Rather let it be the Nobel prize for subtle treason, for ingenious treachery, for cold feet. By making ridiculous agrarian land promises to the Russian peasantry, Lenine and Trotzky have been able to cripple Russia in war activity. They have not made peace yet. They shall find a potentiality in that mass of people, who still have political uneasiness and stage-fright, which can overthrow their machinations. If the Bolsheviki leaders are to be decorated with some order, let us present them with thirty pieces of silver. Let not they who would stoop to anything wear a badge which has been the badge of honorable attainment. If the Nobel committee at Stockholm grants the requests of these Norwegian Socialists, then Nobel will have difficulty in resting in his grave. He admired honor above all things. He would be the last to reward Lenine and Trotzky with anything but hatred and force.