Pictorizes Leading Interests

Our leading interests, sport and war preparation, continue to wedge their way into the glossed pages of the Illustrated. The current number affords a photographic record of the latest Harvard disaster--the defeat of the Freshman team by Yale--but alongside such a record are pictures of the same Freshman team whipping the Tigers. These latter were taken by an enterprising staff photographer, who made the trip to New Jersey on the hunch that victory snapshots would be obtainable only there.

A new scope per fortnight can be found to show the war-time activities of the University, but the allotment of pictures in the current number is a trifle unusual. The same photographer who went to Princeton also got up early enough to snap one of the R. O. T. C. companies passing through the Stadium gate on a rainy morning. His enterprise again gave a picture that even the wet weather couldn't quite spoil. Among the "newsy" pictures are those of the victorious Freshman cross-country team and the new Sophomore class officers.

There is a paucity of prose in the number, but the few words quoted from a Harvard ambulance man's letter are enough to tell the tale of a gas attack.