The President's message delivered at the opening of Congress shows no change of policy. We are still fighting for the overthrow of Prussianism, for reparation to the Allies, for world justice. The President has reassured the nation that we are going to see the war through, even though, it may mean the using of much of our resources, both in man and material.

This speech what is needed at this time: it resources the Allies of our firmness of purpose at a moment when such assurance comes as a bright lining to the cloud of Russian confusion; it also acts as a "coup de grace" to the pacifistic element of the country. What we must beware of now is doing more talking than acting. We have to spend this year about three-quarters as much money as the entire amount expended in the last one hundred and twenty years. This means saving on the useless things, it means buying only those articles which help win the war. Thus we will turn industry into efficient productive channels and the men at the front will have real backing from home in the shape of good shells, guns and food, not merely Christmas cards.