University Freshman Teams Have Not Taken Part in Winter Meet for Several Years.

The 1920 track team will meet the Worcester Academy runners at Worcester today at 3 o'clock in what will be the first winter track meet participated in by University Freshman for several years. Under the coaching of "Pooch" Donovan and Dr. Morrill the 1920 team has been rapidly developing since the first of January. The illness of H. B. Davis '20 will lessen the chances of the Freshmen in the 600-yard run, but P. E. Stevenson '20 should place well in the 1,000-yard event and A. Horween '20 is expected to win the shot put.

The Freshman entries are as follows:

40-yard dash: B. S. Blanchard, L. B. Evans, A. M. Robinson.

300-yard run: B. S. Blanchard, L. B. Eyans.

600-yard run: W. H. Goodwin, F. W. Willett.

1,000-yard run: D. J. Duggan, W. L. Nolan, P. E. Stevenson.

Shot put: C. F. Batchelder, Jr., A. Horween, J. R. Litchfield.

High jump: P. W. Bolster, J. Buffington, R. W. Harwood.

45-yard hurdles: C. F. Batchelder, Jr., R. H. Post.