Swimming Team Faces Wesleyan

The University swimming team will compete in a meet with Wesleyan at Middletown, Conn., this afternoon. Although the team will be weakened by the absence of Captain H. Wentworth '17 and K. Merrick '19, the past week has seen a great improvement, both in the dashes and the diving. R. C. Jackson '19 will be acting captain.

The University entries follow:

Diving, M. Blanchard '18, B. McNear '19. Plunge, S. H. Wirt '19. 50-yard dash, R. C. Jackson '19, C. N. Shreve '19, 100-yard dash, R. C. Jackson '19, M. H. Leonard '19. 230-yard dash, S. J. Rogers '17, C. N. Shreve '19.

Relay: R. C. Jackson '19, S. J. Rogers '17, F. S. Swayze '19, C. N. Shreve '19.