Opponents Have Lost to Both Princeton and Yale This Season.

Tonight in the Hemenway Gymnasium at 8 o'clock the undefeated University wrestling team will grapple with Columbia. The University team has the better record of the two, winning meets with Brown and Andover and tying with the Boston Y. M. C. A., while Columbia has been defeated by both Princeton and Yale.

The bouts will be as follows: heavy-weight class, Captain W. B. Snow '18 vs. Raegener (C); 175-pound class, S. Burnham '19 vs. Kendelberger (C) or Girdner (C); 158-pound class, O. R. Lindesmith '17 vs. Girdner (C); 145-pound class, H. G. Killam '18 vs. Barish (C); 135-pound class, R. W. Killam '19 vs. Aimee (C) or Louria (C); 125-pound class, E. L. Davidson '17 vs. Bjork (C); 115-pound class, E. L. Ettlinger '18 vs. Rosenzweig (C).