At a meeting of the football coaches and managers last week, Tuesday, April 10, was set as the date for the commencement of spring football practice. The work will last for a month, broken by the week of Easter vacation, and will consist of drill in the rudiments of the game and later practice scrimmages. Special attention will be given to kicking.

Coach L. H. Leary '05 will be in charge of the practice, and it is possible that P. D. Haughton '99 may be able to devote a few days to the men. Captain W. H. Wheeler, Jr., '18 will be on hand to instruct the line candidates, and other members of last year's squad in the Senior Class, including L. B. Day '17, are to assist him. Arrangements are to be so made that the practice will not interfere with the work of the R. O. T. C. and although no official statement has been made, it is understood that a declaration of war will put an immediate stop to all plans.

The clement weather of this spring is causing the practice to be set two weeks earlier than it was last year. At least 50 men, the number which reported last April, will be needed, as the coaches at this time of year generally try out many plays to be used in the fall. Spring practice is particularly important for Freshmen and for candidates who have had no experience on the first or second squads. All necessary equipment will be supplied at the field.

Prospective candidates from the Freshman Class for next year's second assistant manager competition will be called out at the same time. The work this spring will consist chiefly of light world on the field and some clerical work, and a cut will be made before College closes.