The American Field Ambulance Service is starting a campaign to secure men for one or possibly two more units to be sent to France next June. It will also be possible for those men who wish to start work earlier to do so. The recruiting station at 17 Grays Hall will be reopened and information concerning the character and length of the service may be obtained there daily from 5 to 6 o'clock, or from W. H. Wheeler, Jr., '18 at 27 Holyoke street.

In case of an outbreak of hostilities between Germany and the United States the American Ambulance will continue to send men abroad to carry on the work and in the event of the despatch of an American expeditionary force as many of the sections as necessary will be attached to it. Should additional military forces be sent over by this Government more ambulance units will be created to support them. An excellent opportunity is thus offered to those men physically unfit for military service to "do their bit" for the cause of this country and the Allies.

At present there are 16 units of the American Field Ambulance Service in active duty with the allied armies, two of which are in Salonika. Each unit comprises approximately 20 men.

Arrangements have been made for the exhibition of the moving pictures taken of the American Ambulance work in France, and also of the official British war films recently shown in the Boston Opera House, in three Boston theatres in the near future. A part of the proceeds from the sale of tickets will be turned over to the American Ambulance Fund. The pictures will be displayed at the Harvard Theatre, 2313 Massachusetts avenue, North Cambridge, every Wednesday and Thursday for seven weeks, starting on April 11; at the Olympia Theatre in Scollay Square with each regular performance for seven weeks; and at the Olympia Theatre on Washington street for the same length of time.