Future Censorship Useless.

If war comes press censorship will follow, and at first the censor will do strange things. He will be working for ends he cannot clearly define by means with which he is wholly unfamiliar. Military information of importance may be withheld from an enemy by the publication of dispatches in this form, but they will look queer until we get used to them: "Lincoln, Neb., Feb. 30.--Mr. Bryan said today: "The -- is cast. From this moment we are all--. Our shores were invaded at dawn. Before sunset one--volunteers will spring to arms.'" Dashes are less cumbersome than (word or words deleted by the censor). In certain cases they may even heighten the effect produced by the news. As in this case: "-- --, L. I., Feb. 30.-- "Colonel -- gave out the following sentiment this afternoon: "-- and my -- -- will go.'" Every American will understand, yet the size of our land forces will not be betrayed. --New Republic.