The various crew squads were still further depleted yesterday by men reporting to the Naval Reserve and Patrol Squadron units, and it was apparent that under the circumstances it will be impossible to continue the class crews longer. Of the five Junior and Sophomore eights which went out Friday, only two reported yesterday, and it was decided to finish the class rowing season by a one-mile race between these shells today. F. G. Balch '18 and G. L. Batchelder '19 were elected captains of the Junior and Sophomore eights respectively. The boats will race as follows:

Junior.--Bow, Jordan; 2, Briggs; 3, Storer; 4, Poor; 5, Burr; 6, Weld; 7, Williams; stroke, Balch; cox., Gardener.

Sophomore.--Bow, Baker; 2, Canfield; 3, Greenough; 4, Parker; 5, Chase; 6, Batchelder; 7, Gaston; stroke, Coleman; cox., Mitchell.

Shake-Up in University Shells.

In the first University eight there was a big shake-up, due to the return of A. Potter '17, who had been out with the measles, and the loss of A. Coolidge '17, who was called to report at Newport. N. P. Darling '17 was moved from the second to Cabot's place at 3, and Cabot filled the seat at 7 vacated by Coolidge. R. Brown '17 and F. Whitman '19, formerly at 6 and 2, changed places, and Potter replaced C. Higginson '17 at bow. Other changes were made in the second and third boats.

As far as serious work of any sort is concerned the crew season is at an end. The oarsmen will break training today, and although they will not anticipate Dean Briggs' proclamation by stopping practice before war is declared, from now on the work will have only the purpose of exercise.

The Freshman crews are in similar confusion for the same reason, and the seatings have been changed to a considerable extent. However, as the boats expect to disband in a few days, the new order is neither permanent nor important.

In case of a declaration of war the boat houses will in all probability remain open, and singles, comps, and wherries, as well as the larger shells, will continue to be available.