No More Corps to go After Latter Date--Six Undergraduates Join Service.

Six undergraduates have already signed up to join units of the Norton-Harjes Ambulance Corps, and they expect to sail on or before May 19. They are D. S. Dunbar '19, W. Eustis '18, V. E. Hull '19, F. T. Hunter '19, R. Kloeber '17 and R. M. Lloyd '19.

Two more groups of men, 20 in each unit, will sail for Bordeaux to join the Norton-Harjes Corps on Saturday, May 5, and Saturday, May 12. This leaves about 20 more men to be recruited for the sailings of the two weeks following. After that only men to keep the existing corps filled will be needed. The following sailed last Saturday: B. C. Cartmell ocC, G. Hall 2Dv, and J. S. Pfaffman ocC. R. M. Lloyd '19 goes next week. The work on the cars for the two new units is progressing satisfactorily.

The Norton-Harjes Service, formed form the original Norton Corps (Section 7) and the original Harjes Corps (Section 5) is now under the control of the American Red Cross, and is known as the American Red Cross, Unit. There are three corps, all composed of Buicks and Fiats, now in the field, and the two new Golelet Corps are nearing a satisfactory completion. Both of the old corps have seen service in nearly every sector in France. Section 7 was in Champagne during the offensive there, and was at Verdun all during the offensive. The section has received several citations, and 37 individual citations. The Harjes Section has been in Alsace and at Verdun. It has received the citation of the army, a distinction no other American section has received, and 34 individual citations.

For those who wish to go over with the last 20 that will sail for some time, the requirements are briefly these: A man should pay his way over and back, and have at least $150 in spending money. His uniform will be furnished him in Paris. He should have considerable driving experience, but not necessarily mechanical experience. His physical and nervous condition must be good. Transportation will be paid for some but they must have had considerable experience with driving the larger types of cars. For further information, apply to R. S. Wortley '19, 62 Randolph, from 7 to 8 o'clock any evening.

This unit, as belonging to the Red Cross, will be taken over by any United States troops sent to France.

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