Tentative plans for the New Jersey Summer Military Camp to be established at Princeton this summer have been drawn up and submitted to members of the Board of Control of Princeton. The principle feature of these plans, in comparison with those originally-submitted, is the change in the length of time during which the camp will last. It was expected that the course of instruction would have duration for a period of ten weeks, but under the present arrangements the camp will last only for eight weeks. It will extend from June 25 to August 18. This will lower the fee from $115 to $80. An additional fee of $20 will be charged, however, for subsistence, uniform, books, and apparatus. Thus the total cost for the eight weeks will amount to $100.

Enrolment will be open primarily to those applicants who are residents of New Jersey, students of colleges, to Princeton students of the classes of 1917-1921 inclusive, and to recent alumni.

The program of the camp will, according to the present arrangements, consist of drill, study talks, actual practice as non-commissioned officers, at least one hour each day of physical work, bayonet and setting-up exercises, individual instruction in the details of rifle shooting and the use of semaphore codes, topography, marches, trench warfare, lecture and black-board talks on the theory of military tactics.

Course to End With Hike.

The State will permit to the Princeton Camp the use of the Sea Girt rifle range and camp, if the Federal Government does not commandeer it. The distance from Princeton to Sea Girt is about forty-five miles, and it is hoped that a hike there of ten days may be possible. The State will furnish all the equipment and ammunition which it can.