There are many demands upon the open purse in these days, when universal charity is attempting to mitigate universal destruction. It is fortunate that Americans are generous; fully as fortunate that they have such an abundance that many years of giving could not reduce them to the destitution of Europe.

The Phillips, Brooks House collection marks the very foundation of charity, since we are that high virtue begins at home. The amount asked is, for college donors, a large sum to give. But the need is large, and the work to be accomplished of no less size.

We believe in the Volunteer system. It promotes the individuality of men and allows them the pride which comes from having done that which one is compelled by no exterior law to do. The volunteer system allows for the slacker who trusts that his own shirking will be overlooked in the generosity of others.

"The necessity for contributing to this fund rests on the College in proportion to its means, and on each man in proportion to his individual means.

It is-well to remember that the world was not lightly spoken which is now rather lightly spoken which is now rather lightly repeated, that the greatest of virtues is charity. That applies not merely to this fund, or to this cause, but to other causes which cry out to us with an unanswerable voice from a devastated world.