20 Editorial Candidates Out

Twenty candidates from the class of 1919 reported last night for the editorial competition for the CRIMSON. This is three more than reported for the same competition last year. The names follow: B. F. D. Adams, R. T. Bushnell, J. J. Caffrey, C. Canfield, J. Davis, R. M. Gudeman, N. L. Harris, F. W. Hatch, J. J. Healy, W. W. McLeod, G. A. Madigan, J. P. Moffat, C.A. Morss, Jr., C. N. Schmalz, J. L. Tildsley, Jr., F. M. Warburg, L. H. Weil, C. E. Works, M. Zobel, C. F. Zukoski.

Any additional candidates desiring to report will not be handicapped by coming cout late.