It is to be fervently hoped that since this is the last day iof Camp Library Week, giving toward that fund will not have ceased among the members of the University. The latest reports issued from campaign headquarters indicated that the sum desired was still far from being in the Library War Council's hands. We are not greatly agitated over this announcement, for it is quite an American characteristic to put off giving until the last minute--not so much that there may be a possible chance of escape from the demand, but rather because the American loves a whirl-wind finish in charities as well as sports. We too, being American, recognize the fact and condemn the theory, and so wer run this little summons to prod our readers on to extreme geneorsity today. Give, because it is today, if for no today reason. This si your last chance, and it you are ind oubt as to the good which will be done with this money, give anyway and we shall explain later why we are so righteously insistent.