S. A. T. C. Enrolment Now in 881

The latest available figures for registration in all departments of the University show as their most notable change since the beginning of the year a considerable increase of men enrolled in the S. A. T. C. The figures are as follows: S. A. T. C.,  881 Engineering,  4 Seniors,  122 Juniors,  256 Sophomores,  395 Freshmen,  469 Unclassified,  109 Out of course,  13 Total,  2249 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,  230 School of Architecture,  4 Bussey Institution,  6 Graduate School of Business Administration,  56 Divinity School,  32 Law School,  66 Medical School,  381 Dental School,  174 Total University Registration,  3198

The gain over last year's enrolment is 413.