Admiral Rodgers and Colonel Williams Appointed Professors.

The following appointments and changes in the Faculty of the University have been made. They are the result of the meetings of the President and Fellows of the College on September 9 and October 14: Colonel C. A. Williams, commandant of the S. A. T. C., has been appointed professor of Military Science and Tactics; Rear Admiral J. A. Rodgers, of the Naval Unit, has been appointed professor of Naval Science and Tactics; M. O. Hudson, of the University of Missouri, has been obtained as a lecturer in law for the current year; W. C. Sabine, who has been acting director of the Jefferson Physical Laboratory during the absence of Major Theodore Lyman, has resigned, and Professor E. H. Hall has been appointed to fill the vacancy; Professor Arthur Pope is to serve as acting director of the Fogg Art Museum, until E. W. Forbes, the director, returns from government service; C. A. Adams has been appointed a mem- ber of the committee on Economic Research.

In addition to the above, eleven new instructors and assistants have been appointed; 19 men from the College staff and a large number from the Medical and Dental Schools have received leave of absence to serve the government, and most of these will stay away for the duration of the war; seven resignations have been accepted, including that of Mr. Sabine