112 Students Receive Care at Stillman; R. W. Chambers Sent Gifts to Patients.

While other communities have suffered the loss of hundreds at the hands of the Spanish Influenza, only two have been claimed from the University. The work of combating the epidemic was in the hands of the medical staff; Dr. H. H. Bailey, medical advisor; Dr. Richards, Infirmary doctor; Dr. Norris,-of Minneapolis; Dr. Cross, and others, and the herioc assistance of many students. The two who finally succumbed to pneumonia as a later development of influenza, were C. F. Mateyka '21, of New York City, on October 6, after seven days in the Infirmary and T. M. Alms '21, of Cleveland, O., after eight days of sickness. They were both enrolled in the S. A. T. C.

The men on the "sick-list" were delighted to receive as gifts from Robert W. Chambers, a number of good books, and a quantity of candy, which was secured only after special permission of the Committee on Food Administration. Mr. Chambers' son, R. H. Chambers '21, is a patient at Stillman. Since September 20, 112 men have been received, over ninety of whom have been discharged.