Reserve Officers' Training Corps

Military Science 1.


Feb. 26, 28: Professor Ward, "Climate with Reference to Strategy."


Infantry Drill Regulations, Combat, pp. 105-122. Manual for Commanders of Infantry Platoons, pp. 166-171.

Topograpy (Sections 1, 2, 3 only):

Visibility Problems.

Military Science 2.


Feb. 28: Lieutenant Morize (to be announced).


Manual for Commanders of Infantry Platoons, Grenades, pp. 19-29, 76-88, 177-188. (Accessory reading, pp. 158-164).

Special Courses.


Feb. 25: Captain Cole, "Methods of Issuing Rations." Feb. 27: Major Flynn, "Duty Roster."


Sec. I, Mon., Timber Construction, Machine Gun Emplacements and Dugouts. Wednesday, Strength of Materials.

Sec, II, Wed., Concrete Construction 3-4; Rope Splicing and Rigging 4-6: Fri., Rigging 3-6.

Sec. III, Mon., Strength of Materials; Fri. Electricity. (Recitation and laboratory).


Feb. 26, 28: (to be announced).

Military Science and Tactics 2.

At the lectures on Administration, the doors will be closed at 7 o'clock sharp.