Faculty of Arts and Sciences Will Offer Ten Tests Today and Six Tomorrow Morning.

The tenth day of mid-year examinations will commence with six examinations given by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences this morning at 9.15 o'clock and four this afternoon at 1.30. Each of the exams. will extend over a period of not less than two or more than there hours. The mid-year examinations will continue twice daily throughout the rest of the week. Today. Celtic 1,  Emerson D Chemistry 9,  Emerson D German A: Prof. Bierwirth's sect., 6,  Emerson F Mr. Brewer's sect., 7,  Emerson J Dr. Herrick's sect., 8,  Emerson A Dr. Lieder's sect., 4,  Emerson D Dr. pettengill's sects., 2, 5, 9,  Emerson D Dr. Schoenemann's sects., 1, 3,  Emerson J Hist. of Religions 4,  Emerson D Italian 3,  Emerson F Zoology 14a,  Emerson D 1.30 P. M. French A,  Emerson A, D Greek 7 hf.,  Emerson D Philosophy 13f,  Emerson D Social Ethics 15,  Emerson D Tomorrow. Greek E hf.,  Emerson D Greek 3 hf.,  Emerson D History 33,  Emerson D Philosophy 15,  Emerson D Semitic 18,  Emerson D Spanish 1: Prof. Whittem's sect., 2,  Emerson A All other sections,  Emerson D