Last Chance for Notman Appointments, Pictures Due Tomorrow.

Today is the last day for men in College to make their appointments at Notman's for photographs to go in the 1918 Class Album and to return their "class life" blanks properly filled out. All pictures must be taken by the end of this week, according to the stipulations on the blanks which were sent out on February 20. Although the men in the service have been prompt in returning their blanks there are a number of Seniors in College who have not been heard from.

Every effort is being made by this year's committee to make the Album as complete as possible. In addition to what has been included in past volumes concerning class lives, the members of the class of 1918 are being asked to send their rank and branch of the service if they have enlisted. Owing to the unusually large number of marriages and engagements, these will be included in the class lives whenever possible.