$2,000 Offered for W.S.S. Posters

A competition, open to all citizens of the United States, in the making of patriotic posters and advertisements to stimulate the buying of War Savings Stamps has been announced by the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Prizes totalling $2,000 will be given for six best drawings, and there is to be an exhibition of 100 or more selected entries. The competition will close on April 25. The form in which contributions are executed is optional with the competitor. The results will be publicly announced.

Additional information, as well as the W. S. S. Bulletin, which gives facts concerning the War Savings Stamps and explains the object of their sale, may be obtained by writing to "W. S. S. Competition, American Institute of Graphic Arts, 119 East 19th Street, New York City." The text or wording on contributions is optional, but the W. S. S. mark which will be sent on application should appear, and all entries should be sent charges prepaid and carefully packed.