Captain E. A. Hodson, of the British Military Mission at Camp Devens, addressed an audience consisting of members of the University Reserve Officers' Training Corps last evening at the New Lecture Hall, in the first of a series of military lectures to be given during the months of March and April by officers of the Allied armies. The subject of the talk was: "Machine Guns and their Use." These lectures are compulsory for men in Military Science 1, and are open to all other members of the corps who wish to attend. The University military authorities have ordered that all men shall wear the uniform at the lectures given by visiting officers.

Additional Addresses by Officers.

Other talks will be given in the near future by various officers of the British and French Missions. Lieutenant J. C. Mallett, of the French Army, is scheduled to speak on "Grenades," and Captain J. E. L. Warren, of the British Mission, will explain the use of the "Stokes Trench Mortar." The men of the corps will also hear Major C. A. Brown, U. S. M. C., who will discuss "First Aid," and Captain Henri Amann, formerly of the University Military Staff, who will address the members of the R. O. T. C. on the subject of "One-Pounders." None of the exact dates for the above talks have been announced.

Regimental Field Day in May.

The Military authorities have decided that a Regimental Field Day will be held on the Saturday in May when all three of the battalions are in Cambridge. This will consist of a ceremonial review in the Stadium, which will be followed by intercompany sports such as took place in the field days at Barre last summer. Among the exercises to be included in the list will be bayonet fencing, tent pitching races, grenade throwing, competitions in the Manual of Arms and in squad drill, and running races.