New military plans are coming thick and fast these days. On the heels of the University's announcement of a summer camp, the War Department has brought before the General Staff a plan by which all college R. O. T. C. men would spend a month as privates in the National Army. In its present form this plan would not have to conflict with the summer camp of the college R. O. T. C.'s as the men would be sent to the cantonments only from June 1 to July 1. The University's plans, at any rate, would not be in vain. If the General Staff passes this measure, it will be of great advantage to R. O. T. C. men.

Although we may say that we have had enough training as privates, there would be in the regular cantonments a spirit of discipline impossible in a college camp. Every man who hopes to become an officer will some day have to live under this discipline; he will be much better material for an officers' camp if he has an opportunity such as this to gain the regular army spirit. In addition, an officer who has lived among the men as one of them will be more able to understand and appreciate them, and therefore to command their respect. Finally we must not sneer at the added training which we will receive; there are in the cantonments two features which cannot be obtained at a college camp; perfect equipment and the best instruction.

The General Staff should by all means establish their plan. The college camps in the later summer will be greatly superior, if their men have the month of regular army life.