Announcement was made yesterday by the Headquarters Office of the University R. O. T. C. that a conference of professors of Military Science and Tactics from all colleges of the New England and the Middle Atlantic states, where military training units are maintained, will be held at the University on May 28. At that time the representatives of the different colleges that accept the invitation to attend the conference will watch the University Corps in action in an exercise at Fresh Pond. They will then dine together as guests of the Military Office, and in the evening will confer as to the best method of coordinating the summer training at the various colleges so as to get the best results.

Further announcements were also made as to the regulations for training in the spring term. With the end of vacation the Corps will discard their blouses and barracks caps for everyday wear in Cambridge and will appear in shirts and campaign hats. In wearing the uniform to Boston or other places, however, the blouse and barracks cap will be worn by all men.

Immediately after vacation exercises will be held for the entire corps every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock. On Tuesdays this work will have precedence over all conflicting academic engagements. On Thursdays, however, all conflicts of men in Military Science 1 must be respected and these men will be required to report all such inconveniences to Sergeant Dunton at the Headquarters Office without delay, in order that satisfactory arrangements may be made.