The 13th annual Junior Dance of the University, which this year will be the only class function of 1919, will take place in the Union this evening. Starting promptly at 9 o'clock, the program of 20 dances will continue until 3 tomorrow morning, with a break for supper at 11.30. Aside from the fact that all unnecessary expenses will be eliminated, this year's entertainment will be run much as in former years before the outbreak of war.

Each number of the program except the first will be divided into a five-minute dance, two two and one-half minute encores, if called for, and a five-minute intermission. The first number will be a two and one-half minute dance and encore and a ten-minute intermission. Bells have been placed in the Living Room and dining room which will be sounded at the beginning of each dance.

In accordance with the usual custom, the committee has decided that flowers will not be worn by ladies, but may be placed on the tables in the boxes. Cutting-in will not be allowed except during encores and extras.

The ladies' cloakroom will be upstairs and that for the men downstairs.

In order to facilitate the introduction of partners, men whose names are lower alphabetically are to go to the boxes of the men whose names are higher alphabetically, where they will be introduced. A directory of the ladies, with the numbers of their boxes, will be given out at the dance to aid men in finding their partners. Those who have not yet obtained dance orders may do so at the CRIMSON Building today between the hours of 12 and 5. Those unable to apply at this time may obtain orders at the door tonight.

Each box chairman will be responsible for the arrangement of furniture in his respective box and for its general appearance. The Union will be open for such work all today.

Below is the complete list of box groups for the dance:

Box A.--W. R. Odell, Jr., Chairman, and Miss Hayward, G. C. Barclay and Miss Barclay, A. H. Bright, G. a. Brownell and Miss Eleanor Bremer, C. C. Curtis and Miss Jackson, W. Dexter and Miss Abbott, G. D. Flynn, Jr., and Miss Jopp, R. E. Gross and Miss Palmer, S. A. Gross and Miss Osgood, C. A. Morss, Jr., H. Munroe, F. Parkman, J. Pickering, Jr., and Miss White, J. H. Quirin and Miss Carpenter, Q. A. Shaw, Jr., M. A. Taylor, Jr., and Miss Edith Bremer, F. M. Warburg and Miss Garrison.

Box B.--H. W. Craver, Chairman, and Miss Craver, W. A. Dole and Miss Leavitt, S. N. Dunton and Miss Garey, A. Eastman and Miss Kroopman, C. P. Fuller and Miss Mason, W. E. Fuller and Miss Kidder, R. G. Hooke and Miss Pearson, L. Richardson and Miss Johnson, M. A. Shattuck and Miss Thompson.

Box C.--H. O. Apthorp, Chairman, and Miss Eleanor Abbott, G. C. Wrenn and Miss Potter, A. S. Carhart and Miss Bliss, H. W. Harris and Miss Hood, J. L. Rochester and Miss Agnes Means, J. C. Bolton and Miss Mauran, C. H. Corning and Miss Kennard.

Box D.--R. McA. Lloyd, Chairman, and Miss Bradlee, F. Adams and Miss Bradley, M. S. Bromwell and Miss Elizabeth Councilman, P. Batcheider and Miss Curtis, F. T. Fisher and Miss Wellington, T. H. Gammack and Miss Paine, A. Horween and Miss Taylor, F. E. Parker, Jr., and Miss Camp, F. d. Perkins and Miss Cameron, J. Tildsley and Miss Helenka Adamowska.

Box E.--E. A. McCouch, Chairman, and Miss Barnes, J. G. Coolidge and Miss Hill, D. C. Hawkins and Miss Goodwin, J. S. Higgins and Miss Coolidge, F. C. Lawrence, B. Lewis and Miss Houghton, Richard Saltonstall and Miss Lyman.

Box F.--C. M. Fosgate, Chairman, and Miss Steele, J. R. Campbell and Miss Breckman, L. Crosscup, J. H. F. Daily and Miss Daily, L. B. Geyer and Miss Morse, J. L. Glover and Miss Safford, L. Hall, A. D. Kelso and Miss Winspear, P. K. McElroy and Miss Simpson, L. MacDonald and Miss Willoughby, R. P. Nason and Miss Jones.

Box G.--J. J. Cochran, Chairman, and Miss Haskins, J. J. Cafficy and Miss Tivnan, L. Dolan and Miss Case, R. L. Donnelly and Miss Mooney, J. K. Godkin and Miss Dugan, J. J. Healy and Miss Lauder, G. A. Madigan and Miss Wood, B. Mahn and Miss Baker, J. T. Noonan and Miss Hilton.

Box H.--F. B. Whitman, Chairman, and Miss Fenno, C. W. Brown and Miss Mabel Mason, E. Billings, Jr., and Miss Faulkner, J. M. Greene, C. R. Larrabee and Miss Stevens, J. Linder and Miss Tappan, K. Morse and Miss Couder, E. C. Whittemore and Miss Bull.