War has done its best to deprive the Living Room of the Union of all its old-time functions. No longer can we walk in that spacious hall to pick up the Kalamazoo News. No longer can we loll about in leather chairs, smoking or studying art from historic Harvard portraits. The Living Room is a changed place. Three times a day one thousand men rush in for sustenance and it seems that more than one thousand dark figures in white coats rush about providing this sustenance.

These, however, are war-time measures. The Living Room can not remain changed forever. Back in the prehistoric days before the war the Juniors used to hold dances in this room and tonight the Class of 1919 carries on the tradition. All traces of the eating establishment have been removed, which has been no small task. Yesterday's dining hall becomes tonight's terpsichorean bower, a transformation which Juniors alone could effect.

Junior dances are few and far between in the lives of most of us, and they have been thoroughly enjoyable events. We wish the members of the Class of 1919 and their fair partners the maximum amount of pleasure. In spite of the absence of many, we hope this is the best one ever held in the Union. "Twill be good to bring the Living Room back to its own.