Within the last few days seven more names of University men have been added to the casualty lists of the American and Allied forces.

Colonel R. C. Bolling '00.

Colonel Raynal C. Bolling '00, LL.B. '02, of New York City, according to a cable message received yesterday was killed some time during the last week in March, while on a tour of inspection for the American aviation service in France. He was reported missing on March 25, having driven out to the east of Amiens alone in his automobile and failed to return. On March 29, he was found dead in the car from a bullet wound. Colonel Bolling is the highest ranking officer of the American forces to have been killed in action since the outbreak of the war.

Lieutenant E. H. Perry '09.

Lieutenant Edward H. Perry '09, of the Sixth Regiment of Regular Engineers, U. S. A., word has just been received, was killed in the recent action at Picardy. No particulars as to how he met his death are known. Lieutenant Perry attended the officers' training school at Plattsburg which was held last spring.

Lieutenant Q. S. Greene '13.

Lieutenant Quincy Shaw Greene '13, of the Third Battalion, Coldstream Guards, has also been killed in the great battle now going on in France. In the spring of 1915 he went to England, and after a period of training at Windsor received a commission as second lieutenant in the pioneer battalion of the Guards.

Lieutenant F. T. Ingraham '14.

Lieutenant Franklin T. Ingraham '14, U. S. A., C. A. C., last week died of pneumonia in this country just after the completion of his training course and after his being commissioned provisional second lieutenant in the U. S. Coast Artillery. He was to have been detached to the coast defences of Chesapeake Bay, Fortress Monroe.

Lieutenant G. H. Kissel '17.

Lieutenant Gustav H. Kissel '17, an American in the British Royal Flying Corps, was yesterday officially reported as missing in action, in a cablegram from the British headquarters in France. It is believed that he was forced to I behind the enemy lines and was captured by the Germans.

Two names of University graduates have appeared on recent casualty lists as having been slightly wounded. They are Lieutenant Marland C. Hobbs '17 and Lieutenant John Keveney '15, both of whom were engaged in the recent defensive operations on the western front.