Dr. Winship Will Discuss Collection in Fogg Museum at 3.30.

Dr. George Parker Winship '93, librarian of the Harry Elkins Widener Collection in the College Library, will give a conference on the illuminated manuscripts loaned to the Fogg Art Museum by John Pierpont Morgan '89 in the gallery of that museum this afternoon at 3.30 o'clock. The 25 or more books now at the Fogg Museum comprise some of the finest works in Pierpont Morgan's valuable collection of embellished manuscripts, which represent the art of many countries from the ninth to the 16th centuries. Of particular interest are two English volumes, the Bestiary of 1187 and the Windmill Psalter of a century later. A Greek Gospel represents the second Golden Age of Byzantium, while two Armenian folios illustrate the eastward and westward spread of that culture. Scenes in France, Flanders, and Germany are depicted in a Spanish manuscript, which incidentally traces Celtic influences on that peninsula. Italy is represented in the manuscripts with a Martyrology and a Gospel of Mathilda of Tuscany.

The works which were placed on exhibition Monday will remain at the Fogg Museum until the day before the spring recess, Saturday, April 13.