War-Time Reunions.


At a conference of the Association of Alumni Secretaries held last week in New Haven, that body, which periodically brings together for the discussion of their common problems the men who are directing the alumni work in American institutions of higher learning, gave special consideration to the question of alumni reunions in war-time. Indeed the entire conference illustrated the very point on which the discussion of this subject revealed complete unanimity--the point that every gathering together of college graduates at this time should subordinate all its interests to the one interest of the war. Nothing which did not bear upon this all-embracing topic was discussed at the meeting of the secretaries, and the testimony they brought from their many institutions was to the effect that experience has already established the positive value of war-time reunons of alumni. The colleges of the country have conspicuously shown themselves to be centres of the strongest influence relating to the war. The feeling and action they have inpired in their active members, teachers and taught, is a contagious spirit. A more intimate knowledge of its workings is a stimulus of high potency for its former members, who in their turn may bring to it from their diverse pursuits a quickening influence of their own. The Alumni Bulletin.