Schedule of Special Final Exams.

With only a few exceptions, all the examinations of the special final series that are scheduled today will be held in Emerson D.

The list of today's early final examinations is as follows:


2 P. M. (VI, VII). Emerson D.

Education 9

Engin Sci. 6b (Peabody 55)

Fine Arts 2g (Robinson Hall)

French A

French 3

French 16

German A

German H I

Latin A

Mathematics 14a

Slavic 5

Social Ethics 2

7 P. M. (IV). Emerson D.

Anthropology 11

Astronomy 1

Chemistry A (Emerson J)

Chemistry 3

Fine Arts 1d (Fogg Museum)

Economics 1b

Education 9

Engin. Sci. 7b

English 3b

English 11b

English 37

French 8

Geography 6

German 1b

History 32b

Latin 8

Latin B I, II

Mathem. A II, III

Mathematics 2 I

Meteorology 3

Philosophy 10

Social Ethics 6

Spanish 5


2 P. M. (V). Emerson J.

Education 7

Engin. Sci. 8

English 52

Fine Arts 3a

Geology 5

German 2a

Greek A

History 2b

History 30b

Mathematics 5b

Music 3

Philosophy 6b

Physics B

7 P. M. (III). Emerson J.

Anthropology 5

Economics 7b

English 2

French 9

German 1a II

German 2b

Government 5b

Greek B I

History 17b

Latin 1

Latin 6

Mathematics 4

Meteorology 1

Mineralogy 2

Philosophy B

Zoology 5b