Dean Briggs Said No Action of Any Kind Has Yet Been Taken.

Whether or not intercollegiate athletics of an informal character can be carried on at the University this fall has not yet been decided. Dean Briggs, chairman of the Athletic Committee, told a CRIMSON editor he has received no word from the War Department as to their desires in the matter. He added; however, that with the present plans for intensive military training it was highly improbable that the S. A. T. C. candidates would have time for intercollegiate contests.

Athletics will unquestionably be a part of the S. A. T. C. program but just what form they will take is still in doubt. Inter-company teams in football, hockey and possibly rowing will probably be organized as the army has found they promote company spirit.

At present the facilities for physical development at the University are few. Newell Boat House is open to members of the S. A. T. C., the Naval Unit and the College.