Questions of modifying the eligibility rules for men who have been dropped a class by entering the service and of eliminating training tables were discussed at the meeting of the Athletic Committee last night, and they were left for Professor Greenough to arrange by agreement with Yale and Princeton.

A number of new managers and coaches for the major sports were appointed, and Ames Stevens '19, of Lowell, was named as acting track captain for the coming season. Lawrence Barberie Leonard '18, of Lynn, was appointed to represent the University at the meeting of the I. C. A. A. A. A. in New York on January 26. Other appointments of managers and coaches are: Cecil Dunmore Murray '19, of New York, N. Y., football manager; John Archibald Sessions '21, of Northampton, assistant football manager; Ford Hibbard '20, of Brooklyn, N. Y., baseball manager; Alexander Edgar Kirk '20, of Chicago, Ill., assistant baseball manager; David Bullard Arnold '18, of Boston, crew manager; Amory Houghton '21, of Corning, N. Y., assistant crew manager; Elmer Ebert Long '21, of Oak Park, Ill., second assistant crew manager; Laurence Barberie Leonard '18, track manager; Julian Castle Bolton '20, of Cleveland, O., assistant track manager; Edmund William Pavenstedt, Jr., '20, of New York, N. Y., hockey manager; Henry Seranno Villard '21, of New York, N. Y., swimming manager; Sam Anderson, wrestling coach; J. J. Foley; boxing coach. The choice of baseball coach was left in the hands of the Graduate Treasurer, F. W. Moore '93. Recommendations for crew coaches and schedule will be made by the Graduate Rowing Committee. Of the six members who attended the meeting last night, R. E. Gross '19 and H. H. Faxon '21 were the only undergraduate representatives.