Will Run Continuously Until August 30; Only Three Years of College Work Required.

A special session of the Law School similar to that of the Graduate School of Business Administration will commence next Monday, February 3. It will run continuously until August 30, with a short recess from April 13 to April 19. Applicants for admission are expected to register at Langdell Hall on or before February 3.

Not only college graduates will be admitted, but also "students who have completed three years of the prescribed course of a college of high grade and left college to enter the military or naval service of the United States or one of the countries allied with the United States, upon producing certificates of their college work and proper evidence of furlough or discharge from the service." There will be the same number of lectures as in the regular session, the courses will be conducted by the regular teaching staff and substantially the same opportunities will be offered. The session is arranged primarily to meet the needs of students discharged from the military and naval service too late to take advantage of the regular session. They will presumably join the regular course next year.