Coach Fisher Shifts A. Horween to Center; Casey Back in Line-up

As the University eleven has had no game hard enough to show what the team would do in a real battle, the coaching staff has the difficult task of picking the best combinations in daily practice in the Stadium. And that this selection is not easy is shown by the number of changes in line-up, particularly in the end and backfield positions. Although the change made in the line-up one day may not be particularly significant, it at least shows the trend of a possible change.

Before the first University eleven trotted onto the field after the usual critical blackboard talk yesterday two alterations were made in the line-up. J. K. Desmond Occ. took the place of J. F. Ryan Occ. at left end, while A. Horween '20 was put in the line at center. Horween played at center on his school team, and it was during his Freshman year that he was shifted to the backfield, where he has played until today.

Several injured men returned to practice today. E. L. Casey Occ. donned his togs and ran through the lengthy signal drill that lasted most of the afternoon, while R. Horween Occ. ran around the track, kicked a few punts and drop-kicks and watched the running play. M. Phinney Occ., who has been kept away from the Stadium by an injured hip for several weeks, appeared on the sidelines in "civies." The complete line-up was as follows: Desmond and Steele, ends; Sedgwick and Kane, tackles; Clark and Woods, guards; A. Horween, center; Murray, Quarterback; Hamilton and Humphrey, half-backs; Casey, fullback.