Freshman Harriers Win Again

J. G. Winchester won the individual honors for the 1923 harriers yesterday by finishing first in the race against Wakefield High, held on the Belmont course. The Freshmen, placing first, third, fourth, fifth and tenth, bad a score of 23, as compared to Wakefield's 32.

Winchester took the lead with a strong start; for the first two and a half miles he was closely trailed by Leibach of Wakefield. At this point, however, the Wakefield, runner began to show signs of weakening, and soon after dropped back, finishing shortly after Winchester.

H. L. Pratt, Jr., gave Leibach a hard race for second place, finishing only 12 second after him. W. C. Benfiett, who was expected to help keep down the year-ling score, was taken sick during the race and could only finish twelfth. S. D. Robinson showed great improvement in from, placing tenth.