Smith vs. Gore in Final Meet

Smith Halls' tennis team defeated the Standish team for the second time yesterday afternoon by a score of 4-1. As they have already won from Gore once, Smith must defeat the same team but once more to win the Interdormitory championship. This deciding match between Smith and Gore will be played today. The championship team gets five points toward the Interdormitory Trophy, the second team three and the third one.

The results of yesterday's matches follow: G. C. Guild of Smith defeated T. S. Hanington of Standish 6--4, 6--0; M. Duane of Smith defeated A. S. Keeler of Standish 6--4, 6--2; S. C. Badger of Smith defeated R. F. Brander of Standish 8--6, 6--4; M. P. Lichanco of Smith defeated L. H. De Zerega of Standish 9--7, 9--11, 10--8; A. D. Knox of Standish won from W. Palmer of Smith by default.