William Roscoe Thayer '81 will be the chief speaker at the meeting to be held in honor of Theodore Roosevelt '80 in the Living Room of the Union tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock. Mr. Thayer, who is considered foremost of Roosevelt's biographers, will speak on "Some Interesting Incidents in Roosevelt's Career." Following this, there will be a two-reel moving picture entitled "Through the Roosevelt Country with Roosevelt's Friends." All members of the Union are invited and will be admitted upon showing their membership cards.

Mr. Thayer's book, "Theodore Roosevelt," which is characterized by leading critics as probably the best ever written about the former President, is the latest of his many works. The author has always been closely connected with the University, taking part in many graduate activities and serving as Overseer from 1913 to 1919. In 1906 he was sent as a delegate from Harvard and the American History Association to the International History Congress at Milan. Shortly afterwards he was made a Knight of the Order of the Crown of Italy. In 1898 he published "The History and Customs of Harvard University."

Picture Roosevelt's Hunting Grounds.

The motion picture that will be given presents many of Roosevelt's old ranching friends. It was filmed under the direction of Hermann Hagedorn '07, biographer of Roosevelt, and shows in detail Colonel Roosevelt's hunting grounds in Montana and Wyoming. Jack Reuter, Jo Ferris, Mrs. Margaret Robert and Many more of the Colonel's old companions appear. The picture reveals, as no word could, the life which Theodore Roosevelt led in the years in the West.