Men Wishing Seats for Yale, Princeton or Tufts Games Must Notify H. A. A. Office.

Members of the University may now apply at the Athletic Association for tickets for the football games with Princeton, Tufts and Yale, to be played at Princeton on Nov. 8 and in the Stadium on Nov. 15 and 22 respectively.

For the Yale game the limit will be two tickets to each applicant, and no application will be accepted unless one of the seats is for the personal occupancy of the applicant. The number of tickets to each applicant for the other games will not be limited either as to number or "personal use," but, as a general rule, applications for personal occupancy will be preferred in the allotment.

Students now in the University, as heretofore, must make out their applications in person at the office of the Athletic Association, and must call for the tickets allotted to them at this office during the five days preceding the day of the game. All graduates eligible to apply whose signature cards are already on file, will be mailed individual application blanks about Oct. 1. Applications from other graduates will not be honored until their signature cards have been filed. Blank cards may be obtained by sending a stamp to the Athletic Association.

No Speculation Allowed.

Every applicant is held strictly responsible for the tickets allotted to him, and the rules against speculation will be rigidly enforced. Any man whose tickets are sold or offered for sale at a premium, or who fails to observe the agreement on the Yale game blank as to personal use or return of tickets may be blacklisted: Applications from men now on the blacklist will be rejected.

Persons wishing to sit together may enclose their applications together, but such application will be filled with those of the lowest classification enclosed. Applications sent separately will not be filled together nor can the management answer communications requesting a change of seats after allotment has been made. Yale and Princeton men attending any of the University schools should apply to their own managements for the games with their Universities.

Applications will close for the Princeton game Friday, Oct. 24; for the Tufts game Friday, Oct. 31; for the Yale game, Thursday, Nov. 6. The regular price of $1 will prevail for reserved seats for the Tufts game, but the Princeton and Yale game tickets will cost $2 and $2.50, respectively.

Order of Preference.

The usual order of preference in allotment for the Yale game will be followed as described below:

I. One seat applications. First, College undergraduates (i.e., all students pursuing undergraduate studies); second, College graduates (i.e., former undergraduates who remained in College two years or more), and University officers (i.e., members of the Administrative Boards and Faculties); third, School students (i.e., professional or graduate school students not classified above); fourth School graduates (i.e., men who were formerly school students and remained in school at least two academic years).

II. Two-seat applications: First, Seniors, Juniors and College undergraduates who have attended College two academic years or more; second, College graduates and University officers; third, Freshmen, Sophomores and undergraduates who have attended college less than two academic years; fourth, school students, fifth, school graduates.

Space for parking automobiles is provided for in the field. The entrance will be direct from North Harvard street, and tickets will be on sale at the gate.