Sheff. Freshmen Lead Race of Teams With Largest Percent of Members.

At the close of Yale's Red Cross membership drive which was held during the past week a total report of 735 members was turned in to the chairman. This number includes the Sheffield as well as the academic departments of the university, but by far the greater enrollment was obtained from the college proper. These figures, however, do not represent the entire number of Red Cross members in the university, but only the results of the university drive, many students having enrolled in outside places.

The Sheffield Freshmen living in Van-Sheff have the record of the university for the highest percentage of enrollment with a result of 78 per cent. The relative standing of the classes in the Academic department is as follows: 1920 has 52 per cent, 1922 has 51 per cent and 1921 50 per cent and 1923 trails with 37 per cent.