The killing of four veterans of the World War of Centralia, Washington, was not only dastardly, it was, for the success of the I. W. W. movement, exceedingly unwise. In addition to horrifying the entire population of the country, it aroused the special enmity of the American Legion, under the banner of which the murdered men were marching. This latter body, numbering nearly four million men, represents, as it were, a cross-section of American society. In its ranks are enrolled members of all social and industrial classes. The I. W. W., in aiming its weapons against the Legion, is not only increasing the enmity of the so-called upper classes, but is also ruining its chances of successful propaganda among a very large number of those it wishes to "convert"-the laboring men.

Already at its convention in Minneapolis the American Legion has passed resolutions denouncing the outrage. These resolutions, we hope, will materialize into action due to the inevitable influence of the Legion on American politics. Then the country will be subject to a through house-cleaning, ending in the deportation of all Bolshevik and I. W. W. agitators.