Members Will Have Chance to Fly From Curtiss Field at Bedford.

For the first time in several years, the Harvard Aeronautical Society will hold today its fall Field Day. The scene of the excursion will be the Curtiss Flying Field at Bedford, where the men will make a trip of inspection through the Curtiss factory and field.

A few members of the club will have an opportunity to fly, provided the weather is suitable. A system of lots will be devised whereby all members will draw to determine who shall go up. Twenty members have so far signified their intentions of making the trip.

Negotiations are few under way for intercollegiate air races, but no definite results have yet been accomplished. It now seems probable that the University, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and several other institutions will be affiliated in an air league which will hold a regular series of races throughout the year.

Banquet Next Tuesday.

On Tuesday night, November 25, the club will hold a banquet in the Union, at which Lieutenant-Colonell Leonard. H. Drennan, officer in charge of the Air Service Department of the Northeast, and Godfrey L. Cabot '82, President of the Aero Club of New England, will be the chief speakers.

At this banquet, not only members of the club, but also any members of the University who have served as pilots in the war, will be admitted, provided they notify the club in advance. Colonel Drennan will outline the plans of the aeronautical reserve and sketch briefly the opportunities offered to men entering the national air service.